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About the DoE Toolkit App for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

The DoE Toolkit App provides tools that allow you to generate classic experimental designs for the following methodologies:

  • Screening: Full Factorial and Fractional Factorial

  • Response Surface: Central Composite and Box-Behnken

  • Mixture

  • Orthogonal


In addition, the DoE Toolkit app includes an optimizer tool, which allows you to find an optimal subset of runs based on a design previously generated using one of the design tools provided by the toolkit.


You can augment any design by randomizing, replicating, and/or blocking. You can also add central points as well as axial points.


After your design has been generated, you can control the way in which factor levels are displayed in the standard forms: as values or as factor level indices or as plus, minus, zero. Unique to the DoE Toolkit app, you can also assign labels and colors to factor levels which are then used to display the factor levels in your generated design.

You can export any generated design to textual form (comma-separated value form), thereby making it easy to import your design into any spreadsheet or statistical analysis app.

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