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The DOE Toolkit is an add-on for Mathematica® that enables you to generate all the "classic" experimental designs as well as more modern designs within your Mathematica® notebook.


The functions that the DOE Toolkit provides enable you to create the following types of experimental designs:

  • Full Factorial

  • Fractional Factorial

  • Box-Behnken

  • Central Composite

  • Mixture

  • Optimal

  • Orthogonal

Each DOE Toolkit function creates the design you specify in the form of a Mathematica Dataset object.  Thus, you can leverage all the power of  Mathematica's Dataset technology to modify and analyze your designs.


In addition, the DOE Toolkit provides support for augmenting your design to add central points, axial point groups, and blocking.

Once you have generated your design and recorded your experimental results, the DOE Toolkit provides a Desirability Manipulator that allows you to visually explore the consequences of changing factor settings in your model.

DOE Toolkit 2.0

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