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M2SLink Demo

To download and install the demo version of M2SLink:

Click on the M2SLinkDemo v3.0 icon directly above.
Wait (sometimes this can take up to a minute) for the prompt dialog you see below:

demo download prompt.PNG

Click the Open button.

Wait until you see the a prompt dialog such as the one below:

demo v3 installer prompt to unzip.png

Click "Yes, unzip the files to Downloads".

Now go to your Downloads folder.  In about a minute or so you should see a file named M2SLinkDemo v3.0 setup.msi.

Double-click the M2SLinkDemo v3.0 setup.msi file to run the installer.

Once the installer has completed, follow the instructions on the Getting Started page. Keep in mind that the Getting Started directions assume that you are using M2SLink; so you should substitute "M2SLinkDemo" whenever you see "M2SLink".  The same holds true of the M2SLink Users Guide.pdf that is included in the demo.

On the other hand, the Mathematica notebooks that are included in the demo are specifically customized for the demo and as such assume that you are using M2SLinkDemo.

M2SLinkDemo imposes the following restriction:

Imported and exported data sets are limited to 10 observations.  If you import a SAS data set that contains more than 10 observations, only the first 10 will be imported.  Likewise, if you export a list of more than 10 observations to a SAS data set, only the first 10 will be exported. 

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